GEOSAT presents a protocol for the certification of High-Definition Maps in ITS Copenhagen 2018



In partnership with ATEC ITS France and Business France, GEOSAT was part of the French Pavilion, gathering 20 exhibitors at Copenhagen ITS World Congress. It was the opportunity to present its R&D work on certification of the HD Maps.

High-definition (HD) maps are emerging as a solution for localization in autonomous navigation data from satellite GPS/GNSS and encoder/inertial measurement unit (IMU) systems alone are insufficient.

The use of high-definition maps as part of a perception system is viewed as an integral part of the solution for the real-time localization and mapping problem in autonomous navigation for ensuring security, fidelity, reliability and ride comfort.

Autonomous navigation requires a high level of detail and precision 0(5-10 cm). Accurate representations of complex environments are needed in order to make real-time decisions and perform path planning. However, the essential data requirements have yet to be defined, accepted and established. This step is necessary for implementing standards to assess the quality and integrity of HD Maps.

We explore the requirements motivating a need for HD Map certification: map data accuracy, network soundness and independent verification in critical zones and data governance. In closing, compliance to the legal and privacy constraints of aerial and ground-mapping data is also discussed.