Data Scientist Machine Learning, Computer Vision (H/F)

France - 02/02/2019

Profile Description 

You will join the R & D team in which you will contribute to projects related mobil mapping as well as other cartographic products and services. You will be in charge of  developing models for the recognition of geolocated objects and their automatic extraction for the production of a database and HD Maps. You view communications and dashboards as necessities for successful projects and happy stakeholders.

As a technophile, you are inherently curious and open to new and developing technologies.



Required Experience

  • Excellent knowledge of  C++, C and Python, CUDA/OpenCL
  • Experience with  databases (PostgreSQL-PostGIS)
  • Mastery of 3D point cloud organization structures
  • Demonstrated experience in artificial intelligence techniques; machine learning object recognition in images and 3D point clouds
  • Experience with GIS and mapping
  • Expériences with deep learning frameworkfs, reinforcement and transfer learning techniques  frameworks de deep learning, techniques de reinforcement et transfer learning.
  • Interest in scientific topics : 3D mathematics, image processing, statistics, modeling, data compression
  • English written and oral
  • Knowledge of Slam and Robotics algorithms
  • 2D and 3D data visualization
  • Experience working with geolocalisation data and products and mapping techniques.
  • Organized, creative, curious and motivated, you have a team spirit and friendly nature

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