Mapping the world on the large scale

Mobile Mapping System (MMS) is a very powerful technology allowing the acquisition of 3D data on a very large scale. It combines high-precision LiDAR sensors for data collection with GPS and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU).

Its varied applications make it possible to realize 3D models of cities or to map roads. Photo MMS

3d data

Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision, deep neural nets and machine learning are needed to significantly automate the HD Map creation process. To answer this challenge algorithmic models are needed.

GEOSAT’s R&D team develops in house AI models using the state-of-the-art techniques.

The pressure on maps, when it comes to accuracy, precision, and update frequency, has never been higher. To answer this challenge


Certified HD Maps

Full autonomy can only be reach by providing a safe journey to the driver. Sensors and driving systems are never perfect and a single mistake can cost lives. HD maps can mitigate risk by reducing the margin for error, but we need guarantees on their content.

GEOSAT works alongside with the automotive industry to define the standards and methods of certification that will guarantee an optimal level of operational safety.

We regularly audit our methodologies of mobile mapping and data treatment to avoid mistakes and improve our service.

In the meantime, our R&D team develops robusts algorithms to enhace our ability to generate automatically HD Maps.